Sunday, June 7, 2009

carry on

hey y'all i just got back to milan today and my flight(s) back were silly/depressing.

so because im "an artist" and have "other things on my mind," i forgot my bag while i was going through security in the US and all the security people got paranoid and thought i left it on purpose to bomb them or something. it was pretty funny but time consuming so i was like, "tea, you MUST remember your carry-on. there's important stuff (shoes) in there!" so i wrote myself a reminder, on my hand, that read:

"remember. carry-on."

anyway on my way to nyc i was sitting next to this old indian(?) man who kept looking @ my hand and eventually was like, "how old are you, miss?" and i was like, "oh great he's trying to hit on me" (bc EVERYONE hits on me, duh), but i told him and he was like, "you know, i just wanted to tell you how profound your message is...did you just break up with someone or something?" and i was like, "what the HELL are you talking about?" and he pointed to my hand and said "remember. carry-on." LOL.

then while @ the airport in nyc, i went to a bar and this nice old french man bought me 2 bloody mary's in exchange for conversation; (apparently his "favorite daughter" is "marrying a loser." *YAWN*). he told me his name is "andre" and i told him that i drink "andre" quite often in "america" and that its really "cheap" and "chic" and he said, "well, im not cheap" and i said, "yes, i can see that; you're paying for my drinks" and then i had to go.

also on the plane i read "THE ROAD" by Cormac McCarthy, aka Zachary Smith.

it made me cry so so so hard you guys (worse than "Youve Got Mail"). you should all read it. it's one of those books that "puts things into perspective" and "makes you appreciate" little things like toilets and shoes and your dad.


  1. the way i read this blog is i ctrl+f for "zachary smith". "what we talk about when we talk about reading ur blog".