Tuesday, July 7, 2009

gay, interrupted

so yall know Matt Sabato is back in europe.
it turns out he's staying in a REFORMED INSANE ASYLUM in Belgium.
(i didn't believe him either but its totally true. both of these pictures were taken by him; i got them from his newest fb album, cleverly entitled Insane Asylum).this is the chicest thing he's EVER done.
im so jealous and so mad @ him for "outdoing me."

i feel inferior. obviously need to "step it up."
obviously need 2 go 2 prison.

prison is SO chic:
1. androgynous uniforms.
2. ugly hair.
3. lack of food.
4. depression.
5. "street cred."
6. free tattoos.

can't wait 2 go yall.
do u think i can go 2 a co-ed prison?
if not, what are milan's policies on conjugal visits???
what crime should i go 2 prison for?
"human trafficking?"
plz help me make this as chic as possible its rly important.

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