Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Host

so my friend Andrew the Experimental Musician stayed w/me last week. he's playing in some italian "music festival" this month aka needed an excuse 2 come see me.
he was here ALL WEEK which was pretty stressful 4 me bc i take "hosting" rly seriously. think i did a good job.

keys to being a good host:

1. quality time: work all day, every day of your guest's visit. (bonus points if you're also in school).
2. accomodation: let them sleep in your ikea bed. you can sleep on your couch. (because your couch is actually more comfortable plus you haven't washed the sheets on your bed since that weird French Guy stayed over).
3. local cuisine: dont buy food or take them out 2 eat.
4. dealing w/jet-lag: wake them up @ 7.00! if you have 2 be up 4 work they should too! wake them up completely, until they can't go back to sleep again and then leave 4 work. let them "find their own fun."
5. sight-seeing: try to take them "inside the Duomo" but get refused entrance bc your "skirt is too short." ("its not a skirt, its a DRESS!"). h8 the Duomo.
6. art/culture: dont take them to any museums/historical buildings. *yawn*
7. nightlife: take them 2 a bar and leave them alone w/your friends while you go "talk to someone else."
8. flexibility: go to their concert and "make them leave early" bc youre "tired."
9. souveneers: take them "shopping for gifts" aka "buy shoes 4 yourself."
10. courtesy: yell @ them on daily basis 4 "leaving their shoes on inside your apt."
h8 boys & their stupid shoes

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