Sunday, July 19, 2009

Teahood of the travelling Teas

hey yall! 2morrow im America-bound once again. im rly excited; hoping this trip will be just as scandalous and dramatic as the last ;)

im also pretty excited abt. getting there; over the years ive gotten rly good @ making the most of airports, airplanes, flight attendants, etc.
here are some tips 4 those of you "traveling" this summer:

1) pack lightly.
ONLY bring what you absolutely need:

walking heels, running heels, driving heels, daytime heels, nighttime heels, restaurant heels, cafe heels, beach heels and home heels.
you dont need 2 pack clothes bc your mom/sister will buy you some when you come home.

2) carry-on wisely.
you'll need:
-all of your makeup; you'll look like shit mid-atlantic.
-a charged ipod, so you can listen to rly sad music while your plane is taking off; this way you can make yourself cry and feel like youre in a movie.
-a book, in case you sit next 2 a cute boy and want 2 "impress him" by "pretending 2 read."
-a fashion magazine, so you can tell your mom/sister what 2 buy u when u land.
-some food (just kidding! lol).
-some gum, if you "get lucky" w/the boy next 2 u.
-some money, if u get stuck @ the airport and need 2 "hit the bar."
-your phone, so you can send ppl rly "sad texts." (make them miss u).

3) be careful!
rly people, last time i 4got my carry-on @ security and had some "problems." they'll think youre a terrorist, and not in the chic way.

4) take advantage of the flight attendants.

they're there 4 a reason.

5) get "picked up.
if you have time, "get lost" in the airport (soooo confusing) and ask one of the pilots 4 "help" ;)
(this only counts if he's in uniform)

6) freshen up.
@ the duty-free stores. they're full of perfume and makeup samples and sometimes they give out free shots!

7) take your time.
are your parents/friends/boyfriend(s) meeting u @ the airport? GOOD.
make em' wait!
once you reach your final destination you dont want 2 hurry and look like you "missed" the ppl there. go 2 the bathroom, get some coffee, change outfits, etc. YOURE the one who just had to travel across the ocean; they should be happy you're coming @ all.

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