Wednesday, August 26, 2009

homecoming partie

im flying back to milan tomorrow. here's the luggage sitch so far:

1 suitcase of shoes
1 suitcase of clothes
1 suitcase of bags/accessories
that's normal, right?
not sure how ill carry it all myself. will make a flight attendant help me ;-)
feel rly excited about coming back. feel like milan isnt the same without me. feel like everyone there had a totally boring summer. (sorry guyz).

feel like i should have a big party to celebrate that fact that im back. feel like when i come home my 'closest 200 friends'

will be hiding behind couches/chairs/etc, waiting for me to show up. they'll have prepared lots of food

and brought lots of alcohol 4 me to consume. they'll have bought me gifts to show 1, how much they 'appreciate my friendship' and 2, how much they've missed me.

ill be rly tired from my trip but grateful for the effort my friends put into my party so ill stay up by doing tons of coke that my friends scored for me.

my friends will have made a 'mix cd' of all of my favorite songs and we'll 'dance the nite away.'
later we'll just sit around and 'talk for hours.'
we'll get into an argument because 'we're so different now.' they'll tell me that 'ive changed' and ill say thats 'a good thing.' ill say that 'just because we're different now doesn't mean we cant be friendz.'

they'll say they just wish things could be 'like they used to.' they'll start crying and so will i. we'll realize how important we are to each other and how strong our love 4 each other is. we'll forget all about how i 'left them 4 america' and how they 'had a terrible summer bc i was gone.' we'll start a 'new life together' and never look back.

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