Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Life Since Swine

hey yall. im FINALLY getting over my Swine Flu. im back in regular clothes, doing regular things with regular people. i feel "like myself" again :)
rly happy; think i lost weight from all that sweating/vomiting. 

having the Swine Flu was pretty terrible, but in a way im grateful 4 it. it taught me a lot about myself and about the world.

for example, i learned that i LOVE NYC PREP. 

i think these kids represent our generation.
i think these kids are going to "change the world" someday. i wish i had gone to a prep school in NYC. (thanks, mom).

speaking of moms, while i was sick i learned that my mom would make an EXCELLENT nurse/maid. she took rly good care of me. she taught me about "water."
water is RLY CLICHE so i usually avoid it but its good 4 u when youre sick. (gives you something 2 throw up).

i learned a lot from the Swine Flu but there's one thing in particular that changed my life. 

The Most Important Thing i learned while i was sick is who my "true friends" are/n't. 
let's get serious for a second, yall. have you noticed that when shit "gets real" everyone you "love" leaves you? 
like, do you want to know who REALLY loves you? show up somewhere wearing a FACE MASK and if that person doesn't treat you like some sick stranger you know they're genuine.

anyway im p. sure i can eliminate @ least 50% of my Facebook friends now and i TOTALLY would if i weren't trying to get to 1,000. 

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