Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Revelation

im gonna leave out my usual BS Introduction and get right to the point: i've had a revelation.

last night my mom and i had a GNI (girls' night in) and this GNI, like any other, involved healthy food

"empowering" movies 

and stimulating literature.

by 23:00 my mom and i had settled in quite nicely; i had just finished reading "People" magazine and was about to move on to "In Touch." upon lifting it, however, "In Touch" slipped out of my hands and fell onto the floor. 

the magazine fell open on the floor; revealing pages 72 and 73. this was nothing short of fate (FATe) because this page, page 73, is what inspired my revelation. on this page was an advertisement that "hit home" so hard it almost made me cry.

it reads as follows:


*picture of Skinny Fat girl pinching her stomach*

"So you're lean, even thin and for the most part you feel pretty good about yourself. But at the end of the day, when the clothes come off do you find yourself staring at the bits of sag and cellulite that you just haven't had time to work off? If so, you, like many others suffer from being "SKINNY FAT!" You just have that minimal yet difficult 15 or so pounds to lose that could make all the difference. TRIMETALEAN assists you with shedding those last few but stubborn vanity pounds to give you the confidence to wear, or not wear, what you want when you want."

brilliant, right? 

Ok, so bc i couldn't find pictures of the actual advertisement online ill give yall some examples of what a Skinny Fat person looks like:

SHE is Skinny Fat

THEY are Skinny Fat


how have i been so BLIND? after all these years of therapy and medication i finally know what's wrong with me!

but yall, there's more to this than "meets the thigh" (hehe). discovering that i am Skinny Fat has led me to discover more about myself. in addition to being Skinny Fat i am also Rich Poor. and i know im Real Fake.

but am i Pretty Ugly? Hip LameALT Mainstream? am i IN OUT??? i hope TriMetaLean makes other types of pillz.

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  1. if you drop InTouch, are you Out of Touch?

    i think socrates pondered that one too.