Saturday, September 26, 2009

a blog about being blogged about being fashion blogged

my Good Friend Zachary Smith, over at fine as hell black girl recently blogged about the fact that i was fashion blogged on stylesightings.
in his blog Zachary Smith suggests that i should legally change my name to Red11.jpg because that is what Peter (the [rly hot but totally uninterested] photographer) saved my picture as. i think Zach is right because: 
1) "Tea Hacic-Vlahovic" is cliche. 
2) having a number/code instead of a name is chic because it reminds people of prison.
3) "Red11" will remind people of "711" which is chic because its american.
4) "jpg" will remind people of "computers" which will imply that im an "important blogger," which i am.