Friday, September 11, 2009

"fashion's night out"

last night was important. not only was it Seppie Elevie Eve but it was also "Fashion's Night Out 2009." all the most important stores and showrooms (Zara, H&M, Upim) were hosting cocktail parties and selling T-shirts to "Benefit The Planet" aka "Plant Trees In Milan" aka can trees even grow here?

anyway Fashion's Night Out was No Big Deal bc for me Every Night is Fashion Night. but i figured i'd get free stuff (steal) and maybe "meet some important people" (cute caterers). my friends and i started out @ the Vivienne Westwood Store. 

Matt, in Vivienne Westwood

Us, in JCPenny

(Photos by Matt Sabato and Hannah Byun)

i loooooved the Viv party because they were giving out Absolut Vodka Jello Shots in Martini Glasses. (LOL). The Italians were amazed; they had never seen anything like this. i told them that American College Students thought of Jello Shots years ago and that they aren't very chic unless you think "Girls Gone Wild-Frat Party Edition" is chic, which it is.

then we tried on outfits worth more than we'll ever make, felt depressed about "not being rich" and left.  

Hannah in Vivienne Westwood dress Worth 50,000 euros. 


then we went to the Diesel party which was a HUGE mistake. whoever thought Diesel was a brand was obviously mentally disabled.


later we went to the Giorgio Armani party, which like, sucked, but the bathroom was great and they were giving out these AMAZING nut things (still dont know what they are).

ps- since when was i an armani model?

later we went to Prada only to ask where Jil Sander was. (Prada=cliche). 

Matt, on the new collection: "the only good thing about that outfit is the wig on the mannequin." 

and that was that. what did i get out of it? free cocktails, newfound hatred for Diesel, newfound respect for Jello, and the idea to start wearing rollerblades everywhere.

Matt: "roller skates are obviously chicer than rollerblades so that would actually make wearing rollerblades vs roller skates more chic."


  1. did the nut things come from the bathroom or was that like, not from the bathroom. yr syntax did not make that very clear!

  2. Take me to these stores! I have not yet found that part of Milan.

    Also, Diesel sucks, duh.

  3. hannah byun she is a bitch