Saturday, September 5, 2009

is this 'love?'

yesterday after school i took a walk around the Ghetto aka the Duomo.
i was on my way to buy Gelato
when i passed a mime on a platform.
i stopped to "get a good look at him" because I LOOOVE MIMES. i love all mimes equally and usually dont discriminate between them, but This Mime-Yesterday's Mime-My Mime, was special. not only was he brilliant @ that "invisible wall" thing but he was also unbelievably gorgeous. 
i instantly "fell in love."

i always figured mimes were celibate so i didn't think i had a chance. i decided i had to "leave the scene" before i grew too attached to him. before he could "break my heart." i knew the best way to do it was to Walk Away And Never Look Back, but i also knew that i had to do something-i had to try because otherwise i would "never forgive myself." 

so, in an attempt at Finding True Love i made eye contact with him, gave him the ol' Sex Eyes and turned to walk away. (i figured if i turned around soon enough i wouldn't have to see him "ignore me")

here's the thing, though-he didn't ignore me.

upon receiving and returning my Seductive Stare the Mime actually stopped what he was doing, got off of his platform, ran over to me and grabbed. my. arm. then he pulled me close, looked into my eyes and gave me the most passionate, incredible, most beautiful Mime Kiss a girl could ever hope for.
too bad he was kinda short when he got off the platform and got face paint all over my dress.

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