Monday, September 21, 2009

job hunting

hey yall i need some advice. i recently stopped working for Les Hommes and need a new job. life here is really "competitive" so i may need some help. these are my options:

1) McDonald's 'Team Member.'
McDonald's is the chicest place in Milan, because it's American. it's the only thing open on Sundays and the only place with functioning restrooms. not only would i feel 'at home' working at McDonald's but i'd get to wear a really chic uniform and smell like french fries (attract boys).

this McDonald's is next to Prada so i could shop during my break.

2) Upim Sales Woman.
yall know i loooovvvee Upim. it's my favorite store (reminds me of Wal-Mart). i spent most of my time at Upim so i may as well get paid for it plus i'd probably get discounts.

3) 'Exotic Dancer.'
not only would i make tons of cash but i'd probably also meet the Man Of My Dreams

this club is in a great part of town; rly close to my apartment. 

4) Personal Shopper.
this would be amazing because i'd get paid to do my Favorite Thing. hopefully i could work for some Cute Business Man or something. you know, the type that's 'too busy making money to spend money.' 

if you know what i mean.

5) Nanny.
ive always wanted to be a nanny. it's a great job because you get to spend 'quality time' with children and meet hot dads ;-)

6) Maid.
being a maid would be a 'piece of cake' because i already clean 24/7. getting paid to clean would be like a dream for me. plus i'd get to 'steal shit' and wear a rly rly cute uniform.

7) Tour Guide.
im perfect for this because i know all the best restaurants, (McDonald's), the best coffee shops, (McCafe),
and all the "coolest" (most cliche) clubs in Milan.
my tourist would have a blast w/me.
so what do yall think? what should i do?

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  1. maid, everybody is rich here and too busy to clean. you could def get a job. and you'd be like the hottest maid so everyone would want to hire you.

    Wanna hang sunday?