Tuesday, September 15, 2009

VMAS 2009

sorry i haven't blogged in a while but i was really busy working backstage (!) at the MTV Video Music Awards. im still a bit hungover from the after parties and im pretty sure i blacked out at one point but here's what i can remember:

1) Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga changed clothes every five minutes. 

i found this annoying and pathetic. it's like she's so afraid of criticism and so unsure of herself that she has to wear something to fit every image she's trying to live up to and every person she's trying to please. she's obviously really really insecure. she's been spending a lot of time with what appears to be her mother, and i think that proves that she's too young/naive for this business.

i feel like she needs to "find herself" before she can become a true artist/performer. her "performance" at the VMAs was a total Snoozefest, if you ask me. 

totally fell asleep.

2) Pink.
dont you HATE it when you're all excited about a party and pick out the "perfect little dress" and get all "dolled up" only to get there and see that Shakira is wearing the SAME THING?

sooooo embarrassing 

3) Green Day.

4) Kanye West.
i lOVE Kanye. i think he's an amazing artist--i loved "Yeah!"

in addition to being a talented musician i think he's a really genuine, down-to-earth guy. 

its too bad he's dating that stuck up little bitch.


  1. Ok. I think that Lady Gaga's performance was so pathetic and that "the little one of a kind dress" looks way better on Shakira.

    Oh, yeah. I didn't like Kanye's "little spoof" and thank God Beyonce' stratined that out.


    p.s., how lucky are you to be working at the vmas ?

  2. green day? i thought you used to be punk :(

  3. green day is more an mtv punk! =)