Thursday, October 1, 2009


the only chic thing about me is the fact that im from a 3rd world country aka Croatia. i love Croatia and i love telling people im from Croatia because nobody knows where that is and that makes me seem "exotic." im going there this weekend and ill be there for a week. im really excited because ill get to:

1) ride a train.

im gonna be on a train for 12 hours and i can't wait to pull a Holden Caulfield in 'Catcher in the Rye' aka sit next to a Beautiful Older Woman and tell her lies about my life.

2) visit family & friends.

miss yall

3) get 'inspired.'

Milan is the least inspiring place in the world. 

everyone wears the same bullshit and does the same things. the more time i spend here the less chic i get. in Croatia, however, im always inspired--especially by the Gypsies near my grandmother's apartment.

4) save money.

the Kuna is worth about .00001 Euros. so ill probably earn money by spending money in Croatia. pretty excited about that, considering i spend 100 euros on a pair of socks at Upim.

5) find a boyfriend.

lets face it, yall, there are NO MEN IN MILAN. even the STRAIGHT men are gay. (even the GAY MEN say this). 

the men in Croatia are REAL. they'll throw a grenade at you if you make them the wrong sandwich. 

6) find a job.

i can NOT find a paying job in Milan no matter what i do-i feel like the Croatian Economy is doing great and as soon as i get there people will be BEGGING to hire me. by this time next week ill be the prime minister or dictator or whatever Croatia has.

7) improve my Milanese friendships.

im really sad to be leaving my "milan friends" (Matt Sabato) for a whole week, but i feel like this will make our friendship "stronger" via me "bringing back presents."