Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Last Supper

in honor of my Departure tomorrow, Matt and i felt we needed to have a "Last Supper." (if my train doesnt crash ill probably step on a land mine). 

our friend Nunzio is from Naples and therefore knows how to cook 'real italian food' so Matt and i went to his place for dinner. Nunzio cooked and Matt assisted.

i watched Rihanna videos and took pictures of myself.

Nunzio made us 'Polpette di Melenzane' aka 'a bunch of shit fried in olive oil.' 

note my McDonald's cup in the background.

these things were delicious. im pretty sure [hopeful] they were drugged.

Nunzio's a great cook but i think he needs to go to the Olive Garden before he can truly appreciate 'authentic italian cuisine.'

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