Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Look

theres a New Look this winter, via Me.
im calling it "Post Communist Homeless French Skinhead."
heres what youll need:

1. Commie Chic Overcoat
for an overcoat to be commie chic it should either be something Russian Royalty would wear, via (faux) fur, embroidery, etc,
or something ugly and old--anything "Government Issued"--anything you can "Stand In Line" in. (insulation and comfort level should be as low as possible).

for the "Russian Royalty" look go to Zara & for the "Starving Comrade" look go to H&M.

2. Fingerless Gloves
if you wanna look homeless these are essential. i found some at a vintage market for 2 euros but you can probably find them in any garbage can or public restroom.

3. A Beret
France is cliche and so are french people.

but berets are great.

i like that they keep half of my head warm and dont mess up my hair. they also make me look like an artist. i got mine at Upim for 9 euros.

4. Combat Boots
your feet will be warm and youll look "dangerous." my patent leather Dr. Martens work well because they say "pretty skinhead" via the leather being shiny.

they are to "authentic skinhead" what the Spice Girls are to the army.

5. A Practical Piece
to tie the look together--i wear a leotard under my coat and call it a day.

if you live in a colder place like Boone you can add some hot pants.

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