Thursday, November 26, 2009

Best Week Ever

"Living Life" has led me to one conclusion: its a load of Fing B.S.

I've learned that the only way I can Get Through Life is by having something to "look forward to." 

Like sales at Upim,

The messages inside of Baci chocolates,

New Pictures of Pete Doherty,

and Going Out/"Partying."

Yall cant count on me for much--but going out? Could set your watches to it. 

On Tuesdays, im at  Connie Douglas

Wednesdays, Cuore

Thursdays, Bruttoposse

Fridays, Bond.

Saturdays, Punks Wear Prada

And Sundays, Plastic.
And yall, let me tell you.

I've had enough.

1) It's always the SAME STUPID PEOPLE.

2) For the cost of one "Cocktail" I could buy TEN BOXES of Tavernello.

3) Nobody dances [with me].

5) The DJs never take my requests. 

I'm done. I'm serious--Tea Hacic-Vlahovic is never going out again--not till DECEMBER! And it will be the BEST WEEK EVER.

1) I'll have more time to study, 


and watch television.

2) I'll have more money 

to spend on leggings.

3) I'll get more sleep and more

4) I'll have more time for my friends.

This will be hard so ill need yall's support [wall posts]. Wish me luck.

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