Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween, in retrospect.

last night i went out as "Venus In Furs." 
which is brilliant because
1) "Venus In Furs" is a concept so i had more "costume flexibility" via not having to wear aka buy anything specific. 
2) "Venus In Furs" has tons of pop culture and historical references so being her/it 4 Halloween made me seemed hip and educated!

3) it gave me an excuse to dress slutty (like i need one),

4) and wear this amazing fur coat i got at a vintage fair!

15 euros! (500 dollars)

i thought nobody would "get it" via it being "over their heads" but surprisingly about 50% of the people did! (only 2 people talked to me and one of them got it). 

i went to Rocket because after much consideration (looking inside my wallet) i decided they would have the best (least expensive) party.

(where's a FREE HAUS PARTY when you need one)?

i went with my friend Cynthia. she was also "slutty" and her boyfriend was a "salsa dancer" (by accident) so we looked great.

"Chicks on Speed" were performing at Rocket,

so the line was HORRIFIC. i usually dont mind lines via being VIP but last night they kept letting all the UGLY people in and leaving US in the cold! it didn't make sense...

eventually we got in and aside from the heat, harassment, overcrowding & fire hazards it really was a great party...

but i didnt get Drunk and i didnt get Lucky... 

...and by the time i gave up on both ideas the party was over. so i went Home, 

made some breakfast,
and watched some GLEE.

when i woke up this afternoon i first checked PerezHilton:


and then i checked PostSecret. and there i saw this postcard: 

which is strange because i dont remember sending this in

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