Sunday, November 22, 2009

thanks 4 nothing

Unpleasant things seem to always sneak up on me...




and Thanksgiving.

Growing up a Croatian Girl In America, I've always had a strange relationship with this "holiday."

As a kid I usually went to an American Friend's Haus for Thanksgiving. It was usually uncomfortable.

They always made me pray with them before Dinner.

They asked me why my parents didn't take me to Church & what Religion My People Practice.

They lectured me on Communism.

They made me watch American Football and asked me why My People Prefer Soccer. 

They asked me if we watch Soccer on Television on Thanksgiving in My Country. They asked me if I had television in My Country.

They asked me what I'm "thankful for." They told me that I should be thankful for coming to America. 

And that I dont have to fear "stepping on a landmine on the way to school."

I told them I was.

Eventually I started celebrating with my Croatian Family. We'd go to Another Croatian Family's Haus,

drink Rakija

and watch Mtv.

This Thanksgiving I will not celebrate. I'll be in class all evening.

'studyin fashion'

But maybe after I'll go to McDonald's to feel "connected" to my "American Friends" who will be "Eating Thanksgiving Dinner."

Maybe I'll think about what I'm "Thankful For."

Like Lady Gaga's Plastic Surgery,

Sales at American Apparel,

Italian Police Uniforms,


and The Chinese Store that opened above my supermarket.

I found some new powder for 2.50 Euros.

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  1. id like one of those polizia uniforms they look like fascists that shit is sexy i would have gotten laid last night