Sunday, November 15, 2009

X-mas shopping

X-Mas is over a month away but the shopping has already started.

This year I wont buy anyone anything via Spending Xmas Alone but for those of yall with "familes & friends" I've got a few suggestions.

1) For Your Mom
Moms are great because they're "always there for you." 

Like when youve had a "bad day," when you need some extra money or when you get home from Plastic and feel like nobody likes you.

That's why Moms deserve the Best Gift.
Get yours something beautiful and timeless.

She'll really appreciate it and one day it will be yours.

2) For Your Dad
American & Italian Dads love getting shirts or ties because they 1) wear them and 2) dont know how to pick them out themselves via being Men.

Get your American Dad Ralph Lauren 

and your Italian Dad Armani. 
Ralph Lauren is American, Armani is Italian, and both are Cliche, just like your Dad. 

Croatian Dads don't wear shirts or ties so they'll be fine with Vodka.

3) For Your Brother
Get your brother something he'll look good in--something you'd like to see your boyfriend in--I suggest anything from Ben Sherman.

He'll look hot and you'll be happy. Because lets face it--everyone's in love with their brother.

4) For Your Sister
You love your sister. 

You hate your sister.

You are your sister.
Buy yourself something and tell her she can borrow it.

5) For Your Best Friend
The best "best friend gift" is "a night out on you" because that way half of it is yours.

6) For Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Cats love toys. 

Petsmart has a great selection. 

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