Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Square To Be Hip

I first decided to Come To Milan because I thought it would be full of "Cool," "Alternative," "Interesting" people. 

I thought this via Milan being the "Less Cliche" version of Paris or London via nobody knowing where it is. 

And I thought it would be like the "Less Pretentious" version of New York City via it not being as Good. And that therefore the people in Milan would be "Less Pretentious" via living here and be "More Cool" via being "Less Pretentious." 

We are New York. We are Pretentious.

When I came here I saw that yes, lots of people look "Cool" via "Wearing Black" 

and they look "Heroin Chic" via "Not Eating" 

and they look "Alternative" via "Wearing Band Tee Shirts." 

But "Looks can be deceiving." -Albert Einstein

Unfortunately, most of these people only "Dont Eat" via being "Poor" rather than having a "Chic Drug Problem." 

Most of them only "Wear Black" for its "Slimming Effects" rather than to "Display Their Depression." 

And most of them only "Wear Band Tee Shirts" because they think that "The Cramps"

 are a Design Team that used to work for D&G.

And for someone like me--an Authentic Alternative Girl, who used to PARTY with the Ramones and SHOP with Debbie Harry and DATE that skinny guy from that other band, this has become very aggravating.  

I'm sick of these "Milanese Hipsters." I don't want to be associated with them. Thats why I'm Changing My Look. From now on I'm Going For "Classic."

"At least a classic is CLASSIC." -Gea

From NOW ON I'm only wearing Ralph Lauren, 


Salvatore Ferragamo

and Abercrombie & Fitch.

The only color I will wear is Egg Shell White and the only fabric I'll wear is Tweed.

This week I'm taking all my black mesh, 


and lamé clothing,

packing it up,

and selling it via Twitter. For more information contact me via commenting on this post. 

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