Sunday, December 27, 2009


I hate New Years Eve 

but I LOVE "New Years Resolutions." 

'improving myself'

I'm a big fan of setting "Personal Goals." Especially when they're too high via superficial physical ideals that "nobody can live up to."

There's nothing healthier than telling yourself you "Aren't Good Enough" and giving yourself a set of "rules" aka "resolutions" that you know you can't keep. I think 2010 will be a great year for resolutions. I think that certain Pop Culture Phenomenon of 2009 have inspired people to be BETTER in 2010.


1) Devote my life to Post Modern Performance Art.

I am a Girl.
I am Post Modern.
(I AM Female Post Modernism).

I am a Performance Artist. 
(I AM Performance Art).
I am a Post Modern Performance Artist. 
(I AM Post Modern Performance Art).

My life. 

2) Devote my life to Neo-Classicism.

Because Post Modernism's over.

3) Lose 15 pounds.

via "diet" 

and "exercise."

4) Devote more time to my "Hobbies."

5) Find a Job.

My name is Tea.
I work in Fashion.

6) Make new "Friends."

7) Improve my "Image."

Your Image is Important. 
It represents WHO YOU ARE.

8) Improve my "Love Life."

8) Start a band.
All I really want in life is FAME. 

I need as many outlets as possible.

9) Clean my room/be more "organized."

10) Read More.
I want to start reading "Books Without Pictures."

So that in 2010 I can blog about deep, Philosophical shit.

PS- What are yall wearing on New Years Eve? I got this Velvet Betsey Johnson dress in DC this week,

and it makes my ass look HUGE via it being velvet but I figure I can lose a few more pounds by Thursday right? Anyway I'll keep yall posted.

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