Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Officer And A Lady

Life is full of obstacles and "fitting in" is one of them. I have personally never felt secure with "who I am" or felt good enough for my peers. I thought it would be this way forever. I had Given Up. I felt like, "I have Run...I have crawled...I had Climbed the Highest Mountain. And I still haven't found what I'm looking for." lol

But then, something incredible happened-I found Where I Belong-where I can Be Free to Be Me. 
And that's the Police Station on Via C. Poma.

This Thursday I had to go there to get my Permit To Stay renewed. 

And as soon as I stepped in my Whole Wide World changed. I always knew Prison was chic but I've found something better: POLICE STATIONS-they have all my favorite things:

1) Men In Uniform.

2) Criminals.

3) Drug Addicts.


The 5 hours I spent in the waiting room were AMAZING.

I was surrounded by people I could Relate To. Hard-Working Immigrants trying to "make a life for themselves." 

And boys with Track Marks.

When The Officer at the front desk finally called my name I was worried--"Will I get deported? How's my hair?"

But all I'm gonna say is:
I was ALONE.


I stayed in there at least 3 more hours just flirting and charming their pants off. They asked me "where I'm from," (I lied) what I'm "doing here" (who knows) and even asked me for fashion advice (duh)! Like, "What should each of us wear, in your opinion, when we're not in uniform?" (duh).

Then one of them took my fingerprints and told me that the Machine was "broken" (yeah, right) so that I'd have to come back today! 

When I came back today I came prepared--I brought plenty of Change for the machines, some Fashion Magazines and all of my make-up, in case I'd need a touch-up. 

I only waited for 2 hours this time but it was cool-some lil' kid offered me his milk box. 

I was like "Youre cute, kid, call me in ten years" and then his mom took him away. (Bet she wasn't even his mom). When I was finally called to THE ROOM again I almost fainted via excitement. I walked in and they practically welcomed me with a round of applause. 

Let me "level with yall" for a second here. This is serious. 

One of the Police Men, the Main One, who had "looked over my documents" and "taken my fingerprints" last Thursday had TAPED my PICTURE TO HIS COMPUTER at his desk! (It's a really great picture of me actually, my makeup/hair is perfect).

And I was like, "Are you serious?" And he was like "Yeah." And I was like, "O.K." And he was like "What are you doing tonight?" And I was like, "Whatever you want." 

Jk, I didn't say that, this guy's Hella Older Than Me.

Anyway I'm not getting deported, but that's O.K. now because I just found out the other day that I AM going back to America for XMAS!!!!! (Thanx Mom, I LUV YOU).

But yall, dont expect to hang out with me. I'm gonna spend all my time via:

1) Shopping.
I'm bringing an empty suitcase to America, ifyouknowwhatimean.

Gotta help the economy. 

2) Waffle Haus.
Drinkin' [AMERICAN] Coffee, Talkin' to Waitresses, Findin' Boyfriends.

3) My Dog.

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