Thursday, December 31, 2009

A woman who doesn't wear Cologne...

I just did something Out of Character

Perhaps via the Spirit of the New Year and My Hangover... 

But I'm wearing Men's Cologne. 

This Black Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne I found in my Dad's Bathroom Drawer. I tried it on and immediately packed it into my suitcase. He doesn't need it anyway--Croatian Dads should only wear Alcohol.

I'm surprised I hadn't thought of this before.


1) Excitement.
You'll always smell a "Hot Guy" around you...

only the "Hot Guy" will be YOU! 

2) Envy.

Every time you go out with a guy, he'll smell OTHER GUYS on you which will drive him INSANELY jealous and therefore crazy about you.

3) "Innocence."

If you actually DO go out with other guys, aka "Cheat," you'll always have the scent of YOUR men's cologne to fall back on as an excuse for "smelling like another guy."

4) Friendship.
Girls will be attracted to you, which is great. 

Because Girls Should Stick Together.


  1. Well,like them I am also looking for a cologne who will attract men and I always choose the great one.:)


  2. My go-to guy's fragrance that i love to wear, and ev-er-y-one (guys & girls) complement me and interrogate me over: Claiborne Sport by Liz Claiborne.

    Our personal PH always changes it a little, and apparently it was made for me. ;) I always stock up when i go back home, though it's been successfully lifted out of my suitcase every time! :(