Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I never thought this would happen but I am LITERALLY too busy to blog these days. I know yall are hurting but please don't forget about me I'll be "back in the game" soon enough.

Right now, though, I have to focus on:

1) Dressing (undressing) The Showroom Model.

2) Making my Boss "Protein Shakes."

(adding detergent for extra "flavor")

3) Filming a "Documentary." 
About zombies and mannequins in the basement

and my "Co-Worker"

4) Going to school/doing homework. 

(making boys do it for me)

5) Finding ways to look like I get more than ~1 hour of sleep per night.


My life is hard right now. I have to "distribute my time wisely." I have to "party less." I have to find the time to "re-paint my nails." 

And I need a lot of "moral support" from yall. Wish me luck and keep tweeting at me :-)

Monday, January 18, 2010


So the Les Hommes show was this Saturday. While I wasn't busy doing Very Important Things I was able to take some pictures. Here's what "Stood Out" to me:

1) The Mood--"Les Homeless"

The entrance to the show was full of homeless-style-trash-can-fires, which were just terribly chic. I think this really "made a statement." It said, "Take that, Economy! We'll have our fashion shows and our after parties and our "superficial excess." We don't care if we're sleeping on the street as long as the purses we're using as pillows aren't Fake Chanel."

Absolutely Brilliant.

2) The Fashion

I told yall it was coming. "Commie Chic" is in.

And my obsession with shiny fabric? Finally someone understands. 

Try and call me trashy now.

3) The Celebrities
My Boss, Maaike Notte, (on the right, with the "indy" glasses),

the Designers, Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch,

(As Fabulous and Terrifying as they look)

and Etienne Russo, artistic/fashion genius.


Jesus F'ing Christ, right? What's a girl to do? 
Sometimes you've just gotta suck it up and "take your work home with you." 

Friday, January 15, 2010

~so long suckers~

So I'm gonna be completely honest with yall--I dont know how much I'm gonna be blogging these next few weeks--I'm going to be terribly busy. With Models.

I'll TRY to cover the Les Hommes show this Saturday

but I dont know--I may be too busy Dressing Beautiful Boys

and making connections with Important People that will later help me become FAMOUS.

Just in case I don't write for a while, I'm leaving you with some ideas on how to Spend Your Time during this [potential] [brief] pause in our Relationship.

1) Experiment With Color

My second biggest fear in life is my Fear of "Clashing."

(First Biggest Fear: talking about "sex" with my "parents"). 
My Fear Of Clashing is one of the reasons why I usually opt for black. 

To make up for that I've always kept my lips and nails excessively colored,

but I still felt my lipstick had to match my nails [and vice-versa]. I felt this not only because of my FOC (Fear of Clashing) but also because of the Biased Ideals that Society has pushed onto me via Vogue Magazine

and its Featured Advertisements. 

Because of this, I have spent hours re-painting my nails several times a week just to avoid being caught with clashing colors. (You never know when the Satorialist will stop you on the street).

However. Today I wanted to wear a pink skirt and pink lipstick. 

But my nails were red! And I was out of nail polish remover. I was late to class. I had no time. I didn't want to change. So I just went with it. And you know what? it was chic as shit

Take that, Anna Wintour.

2) Work On Your "Health"
I recently discovered the Power of Vinegar. Apparently it "curbs your hunger." Drink 1 glass for breakfast, 1 glass for lunch and 1 glass for dinner every day for 1 month and you'll look and feel better than ever.

3) Make New Friends
Prisons are full of people desperate for companionship. They're the perfect types of friends because they're always there when you need them, and never there when you don't.

(Via them being trapped in prison).

4) Make a Difference in Your Community.

Lots of people are "out of work" and becoming "impoverished" right now, due to "problems with the economy."  (Via the "lack of Communism"). Help the people in your community by providing work. 

***For example, Littering more will help provide jobs for aspiring Janitors and Custodians. Committing More Crimes will help people find work in "Criminal Justice." Having "unwanted babies" will help people working in orphanages. ETC***

In addition to helping people Get Work, you can also help make your community more "beautiful." Throw all your food away 

(especially canned food) so that everyone in your community can be skinny and fabulous.

5) Read More!

Reading is really important, yall. It "expands your mind."

I hope yall will be O.K. without me...if you have any questions or concerns just leave me a comment and I'll try to get back to you ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Love Yall.