Monday, January 18, 2010


So the Les Hommes show was this Saturday. While I wasn't busy doing Very Important Things I was able to take some pictures. Here's what "Stood Out" to me:

1) The Mood--"Les Homeless"

The entrance to the show was full of homeless-style-trash-can-fires, which were just terribly chic. I think this really "made a statement." It said, "Take that, Economy! We'll have our fashion shows and our after parties and our "superficial excess." We don't care if we're sleeping on the street as long as the purses we're using as pillows aren't Fake Chanel."

Absolutely Brilliant.

2) The Fashion

I told yall it was coming. "Commie Chic" is in.

And my obsession with shiny fabric? Finally someone understands. 

Try and call me trashy now.

3) The Celebrities
My Boss, Maaike Notte, (on the right, with the "indy" glasses),

the Designers, Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch,

(As Fabulous and Terrifying as they look)

and Etienne Russo, artistic/fashion genius.


Jesus F'ing Christ, right? What's a girl to do? 
Sometimes you've just gotta suck it up and "take your work home with you." 

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