Saturday, January 9, 2010

"The Situation" - MFW 2010

Somehow my American Vacation is already over. I can't believe how fast time goes by! I was here for ~3 weeks and all I remember doing is watching NJ Shore on "Music Television."

Leaving America is always sad. Every time I visit I feel like by the time I really "settle in" and "feel at home" I already have to go. Leaving old friends and family is hard. And leaving new friends is harder.

love you, Snookie

My one consolation is that Mens Fashion Week is coming up. 

I'm currently working on what outfits I'll wear to the shows (sitting outside the shows and letting the Fashion Bloggers think I'm getting in) and most importantly, what I'll wear to the After Parties (where I'll meet the Men Of My Dreams).

Last MFW was GREAT,


but I think this one will be better. This MFW I'm going to be organized (via my outfits) and I'm going to Set Goals:









I also think that the Models will be better this MFW. In June they actually looked their age (~16) via wearing shorts and t-shirts but in the WINTER they'll look like Russian Czars

via Alexander McQueen.

Hoping my Slavic Blood will give me an advantage ;-)

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