Thursday, January 14, 2010


Mens Fashion Week is coming up and here's what I think will be hot this winter:

1) Russian Czars

I dont know about yall but I'm over the "effeminate" look. I want a man with a drinking problem, a cane and tons of mysterious scars.

2) Post-Skinhead Chic

These skinheads won't take you to "football games" or "racist rallies" but they will take you shopping for tight jeans and button-downs.

2) Post-Heroin Chic

Heroin is cliche and so are "track marks." So expect to see tons of long sleeves.

2) Balding

With all these "economic problems" people are going through they're sure to start losing hair. And it's gonna be chic.

3) Hoods

To cover-up the balding.

4) Finger-less Gloves

1 comment:

  1. That 'skinhead look' realy makes me PUKE!
    Skinhead is not a fashion it's a way of life! These posers should be bashed when you see them on the streets!