Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I never thought this would happen but I am LITERALLY too busy to blog these days. I know yall are hurting but please don't forget about me I'll be "back in the game" soon enough.

Right now, though, I have to focus on:

1) Dressing (undressing) The Showroom Model.

2) Making my Boss "Protein Shakes."

(adding detergent for extra "flavor")

3) Filming a "Documentary." 
About zombies and mannequins in the basement

and my "Co-Worker"

4) Going to school/doing homework. 

(making boys do it for me)

5) Finding ways to look like I get more than ~1 hour of sleep per night.


My life is hard right now. I have to "distribute my time wisely." I have to "party less." I have to find the time to "re-paint my nails." 

And I need a lot of "moral support" from yall. Wish me luck and keep tweeting at me :-)


  1. and here i thought i was the only one who freaked out when i looked at a photo of myself and saw faint "smile lines" creeping up around my cheeks. my theory is that all the cameras and mirrors in the world have been enhanced to make our faces look far more deformed than they actually are so we can all do our part in stimulating the world economy by keeping up with latest and greatest 'anti-aging' wrinkle creams. now where is my tinfoil hat...

  2. oh and i also found it amusing that Estee Lauder gave their cream the same name as a synthpop band's album
    its allll connected i tell ya! the end is neearrrr!