Saturday, February 20, 2010


This week I had a "workshop" at school about "Eco Fashion." 

I was excited because I thought that "ECO FASHION" referred to Being Fashionable in this ECOnomic Crisis--via finding stuff in trash cans

and stealing from H&M. 


But it turns out it's about the ENVIRONMENT or something which is weird because Fashion has NOTHING to do with the environment.


what is this

We've been learning about how supporting brands that use Sweatshops is bad via supporting the "Exploitation of Children." 

We also learned that buying leather and fur is bad via supporting the "Death of Animals." 


I dont buy anything UNLESS it's made in China. 

I think all the trees in the world should be cut down to build one GIANT American Apparel.

And my fashion icon is Cruella Devil.

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