Tuesday, March 30, 2010

we STAY working

Tomorrow I'm going to America

and this time I'm going for Business.

I'm getting old & my time's running out-I can't just fool around with friends anymore-I need to stop F'ing Around and Focus On My Work (my image) via:

1) Visiting my Fans

Keep them happy & coming back for more ;)

2) Recruiting new Followers

3) Predicting New Trends 

~market research~

America is always ahead in fashion (via Chanel, Valentino, Prada, etc). That's why I have to go there to seek out the newest trends. I'll study American Pop-Culture Phenomenon

Social Issues 

and Street Kids 

to predict what will be "hot" and start a Fashion Revolution.  

4) Shopping

Strictly for my Professional Image (as a Local Celebrity & Socialite). 


The other day I went to a party and saw TWO GIRLS wearing the same shoes as me!


That's what happens when you live in a city with only three stores (Zara, H&M, Upim). And it's unacceptable.

5) Finding new Material/Inspiration

Have yall noticed I haven't been blogging much lately? It's because NOTHING EVER HAPPENS to me anymore! Men's fashion week is months away and no major crisis has happened [recently]. I have no material and nothing to say. 

~good one~

I'm hoping America will get me out of this "Blogger's Block" via Inspiring People/Things/Places-like Walgreens,

Waffle Haus, 


Pop Tarts, 

Socialized Healthcare 

and the Boys Who Work At Whole Foods.

6) Doing Business
With Starbucks.

We need one here and I'll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make that happen.

love you, S.B. <3

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mardid, en retrospectiva

Tonight is my Last Night In Madrid. My flight leaves in a few hours. Everyone is sleeping but I'm staying awake (re-doing my nails before I get back). I'm sad to be leaving this City-its so much chicer than Milan:

Via Starbucks,


"American Diners"

and whatever the hell this place is:

Madrid has a ton of perks. For one thing, their Metro is AMAZING-it's clean, easy, cheap and fast-and it doesn't give me panic attacks, unlike Some Other Metros...

I avoid the Milan Metro as much as possible-it scares me-I feel its possessed by the Souls of Rejected Runway Models so I dont even enter unless I have my Rosary.


Another great thing about Madrid-the Taxis! I couldn't believe the prices-in Milan they charge ~50 euros a kilometer (that's 0.62miles, American Readers) but here it's practically free. 

~not paying~

Madrid is just full of Colors & Sunshine 

and tons of Friendly People.

I'm really gonna miss yall (especially you, Claudia).

Thanks for the Hospitality 

& thanks for the Bloody Marys.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break 2010

There's a Few Things I miss about being an American College Student:

1) Co-Ed Dorms

dorms cant separate our love

2) Haus Parties

3) My Sorority Sisters

miss yall

4) Spring Break

Spring Break to American College Students is what Mens Fashion Week is to the rest of us. 


I go to school in Milan now so I don't get an official "Spring Break." But seeing as how I'm still "American" I decided to give myself one. Thats why, tomorrow, I'm going to Madrid.

I'm staying with my Darling Claudia and I absolutely can not wait.

thanks babe <3

I want to make the most of this trip, seeing as how I'm going to Fail School because of it. So I've made a list:


1) Learn Spanish

Italian is like the sloppier version of Spanish. I'm over it.

2) Shop

Chanel is a Spanish Brand, right?

3) Eat Tapas

Whatever the Hell those are.

4) Find A Boyfriend

I hear all Spanish Men are Tall, Dark and Handsome. They know how to dance and they call you "chica." Good thing I only bought a one-way ticket.