Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mardid, en retrospectiva

Tonight is my Last Night In Madrid. My flight leaves in a few hours. Everyone is sleeping but I'm staying awake (re-doing my nails before I get back). I'm sad to be leaving this City-its so much chicer than Milan:

Via Starbucks,


"American Diners"

and whatever the hell this place is:

Madrid has a ton of perks. For one thing, their Metro is AMAZING-it's clean, easy, cheap and fast-and it doesn't give me panic attacks, unlike Some Other Metros...

I avoid the Milan Metro as much as possible-it scares me-I feel its possessed by the Souls of Rejected Runway Models so I dont even enter unless I have my Rosary.


Another great thing about Madrid-the Taxis! I couldn't believe the prices-in Milan they charge ~50 euros a kilometer (that's 0.62miles, American Readers) but here it's practically free. 

~not paying~

Madrid is just full of Colors & Sunshine 

and tons of Friendly People.

I'm really gonna miss yall (especially you, Claudia).

Thanks for the Hospitality 

& thanks for the Bloody Marys.

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