Friday, April 30, 2010

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A Friend has asked me to write about Belts.

This isn't something I've "touched on" yet because the subject is So Complex.

Belts can make an outfit

or break it just as easily.

They can enhance your good features

and exaggerate your bad ones.

They can show off your tatse in Music,



and Politics.

For women Belt Placement is key. 

Because our bodies are complicated.

For example: 



(That Hips/Waist Gray Area that can only be handled with care and knowledge, via Amber Rose).

Finding The Right Belt can be really difficult for a Woman because the size/color/fabric/shape/style of the belt has to correctly correspond to the size/color/fabric/shape/style of your outfit,

in addition to complementing the size & shape of your body! 

The options for Women are endless

and totally overwhelming.

As with All Other Things, Men have it Easier.

They have less options [creativity] and simpler bodies [minds], and therefore Fewer Rules.


Let me Break It Down for yall:
Men should only wear belts around their hips 

(if your pants go up higher you must wear suspenders) 

and only ever with pants (shorts are unacceptable and belted shorts are even worse).

Your belt should always match your shoes, 

and be easy to take off ;)

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