Monday, April 19, 2010

So High

Hey Yall, just cheking in real quick to see what your plans are for 4/20!

You know, the 20th day of April? People are supposed to Smoke Weed on this day. 

I dont know where the significance of "420" originated from. Some people say it's because "420" is the Police Code for "Weed Smokers" and others think that 4:20 PM is the best time of day to smoke weed. They say it "enhances your appreciation of the herb." Which makes total sense.

I'm glad I finally know what "420" means because for a long time I was In The Dark. My Peers would always talk about it and I didn't understand that they meant it was time to "Get High." For me 4:20 only meant that I'd be watching Oprah.

is it just me or is Taylor Swift the most perfect person 

Anyway, I cant STAND Weed via how cliche, smelly and generally annoying it is.

I personally prefer harder, chemical drugs that can "Kill You On The First Try." 

But in honor of 420 I'll support yalls decisions to "Get High." 

That being said, what will yall do while you're Stoned on 420?

Eat a bunch of "High People Food" [and regret it later]?

Watch a "Trippy" movie like "Alice In Wonderland" featuring Johnny Depp?

Have a big party and get totally F-d up?

Just keep it "low key" and "chill" with your Close Friends?

Do your homework and/or graduate on time?

Hang out with your parents?

It's up to yall; just be careful and HAVE FUN! 

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  1. This is a terrific post. If only I could post one that accurately shows you that one can smoke shit tons of pot and NOT be a typical, hairy "stoner" Except the eating part and the chilling with close friends.
    love you, smoke more weed. as long as you brush your teeth afterward and reapply lipstick, you won't feel gross and smelly, I promise!