Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Travel Light

I'll begin this Post with a disclaimer: 
If any of this is mispelled or poorly written it is entirely due to the fact that I am currently recovering from a Shock-Induced Coma, 

am suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome 

and attended Public School in North Carolina.

Though it is extremely painful for me to even be awake right now, much less "Blog," I will "suck it up," in the Name of Journalism, 

and deliver you the Best Report I Possibly can before American Idol comes on.

On Wednesday, March 31, 2010, at approximately 9:00 AM, in front of Terminal 2 of Malpensa Airport, a Heinous Crime was Committed against me.

My SUITCASE was STOLEN off of the Shuttle Bus that I was taking to the airport. 

It was stolen during the First Stop. I got off at the Second. I saw that my suitcase was gone and begged the driver to help me. He Drove Away and left me on the street, alone, desperate and crying. 

Nobody cared and Nobody helped me.

With my Suitcase was stolen my Camera, 

My Italian Documents (Like my Permit To Stay, which I worked SO HARD to get), 

unfinished School Projects, 

ALL of my Makeup,  


What happened to me is a Disaster & a Tragedy. It's A Slap In The Face of Justice, Freedom and Liberty. And most of all, it's A Crime of Fashion.

Everyone knows that You Are What You Wear, so via not having anything to wear now I am literally nothing.

By losing my luggage I have Lost My Identity. 

(Who AM I, if not "The Girl In Mesh")?

I desperately need a New Identity [Wardrobe], and that's where yall come in...I am an Icon and Inspiration to most of yall, so I think it's in YOUR best interest to do what you can to help me [financially]. I realize a lot of yall are far away from me (got readers all around the world) so I've created a PayPal account to make it easier; yall can send money to me with the Press of a Button!!!

If you dont have a PayPal account, I suggest you get one; it takes 2 minutes. Then all you need to send me money is my email address: teahacic@gmail.com

Send as much as you'd like, and, if possible, with donations you can send ideas as to what I should purchase with this money. I will be starting my wardrobe from Scratch, via What Not To Wear.

I'm in a very vulnerable place right now and need all the support I can get. Together, we can get through this. Together, we will survive.

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