Thursday, April 22, 2010

What on EARTH

My Roommate just told me that today is Earth Day.

It's all about Recycling, 

Planting Trees 

and Appreciating Nature.

I dont like Nature or "Natural Things." I prefer Man Made Materials.

Who needs Trees 

when you can have Concrete?

Who needs Cotton 

when you can have Polyester?

Who needs Food 

when you can have Pills?


So here's what I'M doing on Earth Day:

I'm hosting a party to Raise Awareness about the Dangerous Messages [Propaganda] the Media is sending to Today's Generation (Eco-Friendlyness, Environmental Awareness, etc). I'm also going to use this party to raise money in effort to cut down all the trees in the world and build one huge American Apparel. 

Who wouldnt want to replace this

with this?

Are yall with me? 

Flared Pants might be In Again but that's No Excuse to be a Hippy.

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