Sunday, May 30, 2010


I just did a shoot for my latest collection.

The Mood is "Post Atomic." 

Cold War Chic.

Think a mix of Chernobyl 

And American Apparel.

Model: Nora Trash-Up

Special Thanks to Marta Stella for Moral Support and Collection Name Ideas. 
And a very Special Thanks to White Glossy Spray Paint.

I couldn't have done it without yall.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Day At The Beach

The Smells of Public Transportation 

are telling me "Summer's Finally Here."

And we all know what that means, right?

Finding a new Bathing Suit.

Yes, Girls, the Most Feared Event of the Year- one that inspires that particular kind of Self-Loathing caused by Unflattering Fabric, Full-Length Mirrors and [hideous] Dressing Room Lighting.

As always, I am Here To Help and though I can't make you lose those "Last Few Pounds,"

I can give you some Pointers:


1) Bring Tissues.

Trust me. 

You're gonna cry.

2) Cancel Plans.

After trying on Bathing Suits you'll be feeling [extra] Self-Destructive. Unless you want to do things you'll REALLY regret I'd suggest just going home. 

3) Follow Your Phobias.
DONT try styles you know you won't look good in-you're afraid of them for a REASON.

Remember: "What you don't see can't hurt you." AKA "What you don't try on can't make you hate yourself."

When In Doubt, go with "Classic."

It looks good on everyone.

4) Pick the Right Day.
DONT try on Swimwear when youre:

This leaves you with ~2 good days so Plan your time Accordingly.

5) Bring a Friend.
A Less-Pretty one.

This way you'll look at them and think "OK. It could be worse."

6) Bring a Camera.

Mirrors are deceiving and I personally don't trust them.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Take a Hike

I got a great Fashion Question via Twitter Today:

One as complex as it is relevant. 

First of all the chicest way to Care for Children is to not care for them at all.

Remember you're only doing it for the Money

And the boys you can meet on the job.

Getting the kids Out of Your Way can be tricky but its easy in the woods; just send the little jerks on a "Scavenger Hunt" that will lead them to Quicksand, 


or Grizzly Bears.

Meanwhile, Set Up Camp, (find a bench), 

and wait for Hot Hikers to pass...

Because there will be plenty.

Luckily for you many designers have been going for a "Camp Theme" this season.

so you'll have plenty of Hiking-Chic Clothing Options

and well-dressed boys to choose from ;-)

Let me Break it Down for you:

1) Shorts
Obviously should be as short as possible. Good colors are either Poop Green

or Beige. 

2) Vest
Wear a Button-Down vest in Denim 

or Khaki. 

This way you can easily adjust how much #slutty #skin you wanna show.

3) Boots
Heels are always preferable 

perfect for dirt mud and blood.

4) Shades
Your Ray-Bans look dumb in the woods. Stick to anything with mirrored lenses as you won't have a real mirror there.

5) Other
Keep a set of Binoculars handy to Scope Out The Scene [Boys] 

as well as a bottle of Bug Spray. 

Because a Girl full of mosquito bites is about as chic as L.L.Bean.