Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Boys Are Back In Town

Milan Men's Fashion Week is close. It's so close that I can taste it.

I've always been a MFW Fan, but now I have become an EXPERT.

(Via Mixing Work and Pleasure).

MFW is Lovely and I think every girl should make the most of it. I've learned how to do this, and, being the Caring Person I Am, want to share my wisdom with all the MFW Virgins, who may not know where to start.


1) This is NOT a Competition.

There's Plenty to go around. All girls deserve a break from the Hell that is the Milan Dating Scene and I think we should all help each other. 

Girls should "Talk Each Other Up." So what if your Best Friend isn't Karl Lagerfeld's Personal Assistant? That "Dior Boy" will never know,

and She will owe you a drink ;-)

Let her borrow Your Dress.

Sure, her boobs will stretch it out but it looks better on her anyway.

If you have an empty room or apartment your friend could use, please don't let it go to waste. Model Living Situations are horrid and Club Bathrooms certainly aren't better.

2) DON'T think "Chic."
Mens Fashion Week is the one time you should disregard all this "Androgyny=Chic" crap

and just look like a GIRL.

Find that push-up bra you hid months ago and put on some pink. Use this opportunity while you can and next week you can go back to your black, shapeless Margiela.

3) What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas...
...But what happens in Men's Fashion Week goes ONLINE.

Before you take pictures with "Mr. Prada" 

or "The One From Brazil" 

remember your Grandma has Facebook, your Dad follows you on Twitter and your Boyfriend knows your Gmail Password.  Be Careful.

4) Be Realistic.
Don't expect Good Conversation (hah) and Don't expect any calls.

Remember that its called "Men's Fashion WEEK" for a reason. It only lasts that long and then you're back with your "Hipsters" and Gay Boys. Keep this in mind and maybe you won't experience Post-MFW Depression.

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