Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hey Yall.

Telling by my silent phone, un-smeared lipstick and lack of strangers in my room, I can tell Mens Fashion Week is over.

But after a tearful goodbye at the train station on Monday, 

I knew I'd have to get back to my "normal life." 

At least I'll start posting more regularly now that I won't leave my Haus.
I hear depression inspires art. 

See yall in January.

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  1. Hey there,love.I simply need to tell you that while there are guys out there who can't deal with depression,there are plenty who can, and who can issue you the support you require.I've had basically chronic depression my whole adult life (around 9 years, welp!),with periods of debilitating MDD. It's without a doubt served to end a few relationships,however its just strengthened my current one.My spouse is amazingly supportive through everything.Depression is bad enough without someone aggravating you feel only for having it.It is possible that he needs to shape up, or you can discover someone else who will support you <3

    @Amanda Carter.