Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer School

Hey yall! Sorry I've been M.I.A but lots has been going on. 

This month I went to Sicily, 

got a New Job 

and have been spending the rest of my time devising a plan on how to meet Lady Gaga. 

Things have been moving so fast I hardly realized I'm going to America in a week!

I'm excited to go to America and see my Family and Waffle House.

But I'm also stressing out because this trip wont really be a vacation; I have to spend it preparing for my September Exams. 

I feel kinda bad for myself via not getting a Real Vacation but I'll try to make the most of it and help those of yall who also put off your school work for the last minute and must spend your Summer Studying. 


1) Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Forget your friends. They're worthless and will only distract you.

The other day I had a Great Conversation with a Great Man who said that "If [I am] to waste any time with any friend that friend should at LEAST be a Prince."

You know what I mean?

2) Stay Focused
Remind yourself of your Goals and why it's important to reach them.

To motivate myself I will keep a picture of an Italian Prison nearby; To remind myself that if I fail school I will lose my Visa and become an Illegal Resident.

3) Reward Yourself
Packing a years worth of Schoolwork into one month can be challenging; reward your daily accomplishments with little breaks and treats.

"Ok, Tea, for each 10 drawings you do you can have 1 Diet Coke and for each dress you make you can watch 1 Amber Rose Video."

4) Have a Support Group
Weight Watchers works because a group of people judge your progress and make you feel like a failure if you dont reach your goals. 

The same thing goes for Studying. Tell your mother/boyfriend/neighbor to make you feel bad about yourself if you're slacking; This can be done via physical, emotional or mental abuse; pick whatever is right for you and stick with it.

5) Stay Positive!
Spending your Summer Vacay locked up inside can be pretty devastating, especially when everyone else is "having fun."

Just remember that you're Doing The Right Thing.

Your hard work will pay off,

And, most importantly, you won't get a Tan.

Good luck to all of yall; I'll see you in America!

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