Monday, August 23, 2010


As August draws to a close, I have to say I'm happy to have spent this month in Chapel Hill, "Preparing for Exams." It's given me a lot of time to Meditate On My Life

I've had time to work on my "health" via replacing Bloody Marys with Water and applying Anti-Wrinkle cream at 5-minute intervals throughout the day.

I've had time to focus on my "image" via cutting my hair at 7:00 in the morning.

I've also had time to "sit back" and "think about my future," which gave me a Panic Attack. I realized then that I've gotta Start Something BIG if I wanna hit Fame by 25.

I'm just giving yall the preview now, but by this time next year, Lady Gaga will be calling.

More to come later.


Friday, August 20, 2010


It's true.
Well, the last part, at least. About me hating tweed and "Grown Up" clothes.
I mean, what does that even MEAN?

Thing is, if it IS true about American Apparel going out of business via debt I need to prepare myself for the "Grown-Up" wardrobe changes I will be forced to make.

Truth is, all I wear is Lame', Spandex, Polyester and Mesh. "Organic Fabrics" are as foreign to me as "healthy eating habits" and "modesty" is a concept I have yet to grasp.

I mean, let's face it, I wouldn't wear a Chanel Suit if you PAID me to. I'm never gonna be "Classy" or "Mature" because famous people don't have to be. However, I do think Zach has a point, and maybe American Apparel's Demise is what will push me into a more Authentic Look.

And that, I have found in JEGGINGS.

On my quest to find more "socially acceptable" clothing, Jeans obviously came up, though I rarely wear denim and when I do its via underwear-sized shorts.

Just as I was starting to think I'd have to suck it up and look like Soccer Mom, I found a site that saved me. It's called "Denimology" and it has opened my eyes to my Newest Obsession: they're called JEGGINGS. They are the perfect mix between American Apparel Style Leggings and Classic American Jeans. Denimology shows you where to buy them, how to wear them and which celebrities have been seen in them! (It's like a Perez Hilton and Anna Wintour in one)!

Jeggings let you feel as Naked as you would in leggings while looking as Classy as you would in Jeans. It's a win-win situation.

Maybe if American Apparel had done this, they wouldn't be going out of business.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Snakeskin Tutorials

Hey Yall! I'm just droppin in to say "Hay" and let yall know I'm doing really well on my exam projects.

And it ain't thanks to schooling, that's for sure! This success is thanks to the Internet!

I mean, I can't bel-ieve I was going to my 4-hours-a-week-for-an-entire-year Graphic Design classes in Milan when I coulda just gone on the internet and watched some Youtube Tutorials! Like, why did nobody tell me about this?!

hot voice ;-)

Anyway, I'm makin some real progress. Learned how to add stuff to my drawings.

I'm designing a collection based on Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty,

if Maleficent were sluttier/went Clubbing.

Anyway, just wanted to check in with yall and say I miss you and hopefully will be back soon! I hope all of yall are having a great summer and are getting great tans!

Friday, August 13, 2010

friday the 13th

Hey yall. Today's Friday the 13th and THANK GOD for that. Like, bring on the destruction.

This has been the lamest month ever.

Shortly after my heart was broken in DC I came down with a nasty fever.

I got it via Zachary Smith or a faulty Frappuccino.

It lasted a few days and I had to go to the doctor. They gave me Antibiotics which are supposed to give you diarrhea which I'm excited about via INSTANT WEIGHT LOSS.

Now I'm just ~hanging out~ and trying to do some "schoolwork" (LMAO).

I went to the GYM with my mom yesterday, out of sheer desperation. I wore an EVERLAST shirt (via my Father's Closet) and some American Apparel Leggings. I also sported Red Lipstick and a Pony Tail, via only going there to Meet Hot Men.

The GYM was pretty uneventful; I mostly hung out by the tredmill, watching the High School Boys at work; nobody seemed to notice me which kind of pissed me off.

OMG then I went to this WHACK show in Chapel Hill; this band called SPERMCOUNT (pretty offensive name, if you ask me). It's just a bunch of Chapel Hill Post-Post-Ironic-Hipsters [cutest boys in town] who think they're hot because they wear jeans and make espresso.


In other news, Ive started following Chelsea Handler on Twitter and Michael Ian Black on Tumblr. Both pretty UNDERWHELMING, if you ask me.

ANYway, I'm kinda banking on this FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH thing to give me some news. I'll let yall know what happens. Till then, take care and re-read my old posts.

Tea Hacic-Vlahsfaweh;fase

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love in the Time of Moving Vans

I went to DC with my parents this weekend. We're helping my sister move.

I've spent most of my time at Starbucks. 

day 1

day 2

day 3

Yesterday my family confronted me about "not doing shit" and asked me to "help them." So I took a nap in the Moving Van.

I was hella bored in that van, just watching my family carry things around. I was ready to go to another Starbucks when something caught my eye... 

I'm easily Distracted By the Opposite Sex 

especially when they're as hot as this guy; I won't try to describe him. He's a Dreamboat. He walks by and I practically start drooling. 

As he walks by me, we make eye contact. 

I smile, he smiles. 

He stops. 

I smile. 

He smiles. 

He starts walking away. 

I start to get up and decide not to. 

He starts to stop and decides not to. 

He walks away. 

I sit back down. 

He doesn't turn around. 


I dream of him all night. 

Today after my first Starbucks I go the nearest "Drug Store" 

to buy some new Nail Polish. 

(Revlon Red 680)

I browse the aisles and try on some lipstick. Flip through US Weekly. Steal some Tampons; The usual Drug Store Routine

I get bored and walk to the checkout counter. 
And then, I see Him.

My Moving Van Missed-Connection! He works at the Drug Store!

He recognizes me and smiles. 

He says, "Hey."

I say, "Hey."

It's Magic. We're In Love.

I picture our First Date. 

He will take me to see a Foreign Art Film and will buy me Diet Coke. His apartment will be minimal, chic and full of magazines. 

We will have long conversations and tons of Sexual Chemistry. 

We'll look good together in photos.

I start thinking about moving to DC; do they have fashion here? Will my shoes fit in his apartment? Does he want kids? Team Morris or Rollins???

He rings up my purchase (thank GOD I didn't buy food) and hands me my bag. I'm ready for him to ask me out. Instead he looks behind me. 

"Next in line?"

My heart is breaking.

"Miss? Next in Line?" 

I move away. Tears in my eyes, my heart in my stomach; feel like vomiting. 


I die. 

I walk out of the Drug Store and never look back.

I guess he's Gay.