Friday, August 13, 2010

friday the 13th

Hey yall. Today's Friday the 13th and THANK GOD for that. Like, bring on the destruction.

This has been the lamest month ever.

Shortly after my heart was broken in DC I came down with a nasty fever.

I got it via Zachary Smith or a faulty Frappuccino.

It lasted a few days and I had to go to the doctor. They gave me Antibiotics which are supposed to give you diarrhea which I'm excited about via INSTANT WEIGHT LOSS.

Now I'm just ~hanging out~ and trying to do some "schoolwork" (LMAO).

I went to the GYM with my mom yesterday, out of sheer desperation. I wore an EVERLAST shirt (via my Father's Closet) and some American Apparel Leggings. I also sported Red Lipstick and a Pony Tail, via only going there to Meet Hot Men.

The GYM was pretty uneventful; I mostly hung out by the tredmill, watching the High School Boys at work; nobody seemed to notice me which kind of pissed me off.

OMG then I went to this WHACK show in Chapel Hill; this band called SPERMCOUNT (pretty offensive name, if you ask me). It's just a bunch of Chapel Hill Post-Post-Ironic-Hipsters [cutest boys in town] who think they're hot because they wear jeans and make espresso.


In other news, Ive started following Chelsea Handler on Twitter and Michael Ian Black on Tumblr. Both pretty UNDERWHELMING, if you ask me.

ANYway, I'm kinda banking on this FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH thing to give me some news. I'll let yall know what happens. Till then, take care and re-read my old posts.

Tea Hacic-Vlahsfaweh;fase

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