Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fashion Week, in Retrospect

Main Points:

1) White Trash Comeback
I went to Frankie Morello (thanks Natasha) and was overwhelmed by Trailer Parks, Courtney Love & Week-Old Makeup. 

It was fabulous.

2) Less is Less
After playing the morning set at the Dolce & Gabbana SPIGA2 opening event I learned that you shouldn't play Peaches "F*ck the Pain Away" at 10 am. It makes the Press anxious.


3) Back to Basics
The SPIGA2 store is a hit because it has 4 fundamental things that everyone needs:
Shoes, (flattering) Mirrors, a Bar & Smoking Area.

Smoking Area featuring the Fabulous Natasha Slater, Jethro Cave & Co.

What else do you need?

Watch closely at 0:15 ;)

4) Good Manners
After DJing/Doing door selection at the Givenchy Perfume Launch party, all I had to do was ask nicely (BEG on my hands & knees) and they gave me a free perfume! It's a bit too sweet for my taste, but the packaging is killer.

5) Judge by the Cover
Doing door selection for PWP "Femme Fatale" confirmed an idea I've had all my life:
Pretty people are nicer and deserve better treatment.

6) Pack Lightly
Afterparties are fun, but they're more fun without a suitcase full of cds.

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