Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a night in Paris

My Russian Princess Yulia recently moved to Paris and Ill never forgive her.

But I'm visiting her on Saturday. 

Problem is I'm not ready; I hear French women are major and unless I want to come back with an eating disorder and severe case of depression worse than what I've got now I've got to do some Preparation.


P: Planning
I'm not eating till I get there

A: Accent
Gotta learn how to say "take me to the bathroom" without sounding Sicilian. 

R: Research
You've gotta know about the "Culture" of a place before going there.
I've already done some research. He's French.

I: Ignore
Not thinking about missing class it's not like I'm coming back anyway. 

S:  Shop
Of course I'll spend all my money on clothes the first like ten minutes there but I've also gotta look good coming out of the plane unless I want to get Hate-Crimed. 

Think Zara has this?

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