Sunday, October 24, 2010

postpostmodern halloween

Hey yall! Can't believe it's already been a year since I went as "Venus in Furs" last Halloween.

short hair dont care

I had just gotten my First Fur Coat & had no ideas so I decided to go as a "concept" rather than a "person/place/thing." Only one person guessed what I was the whole night and that person was my reflection in the mirror.

This year I wanna do it right. This year I'm looking to Relevant Pop Culture Phenomenon for costume ideas:

1) Xtina's Failed Marriage

we're over

XTina & her fugly husband are finally getting divorced after years of marriage. Xtina always bragged about how great her marriage was via the "Naked Sundays" Her & Her Husband would have, so to go as her Divorce for Halloween you just need a Naked couple, the Sunday Times & Prenuptial Papers.

2) Kanye West's Tweets

You just need a sharpie, an attitude & illiteracy.

3) Lady Gaga's Boyfriend

This requies a week-prep of not showering

4) Trapped Miner

Tell your friends you can't go out, its the only way this costume works.

5) Free Miner

"Get Rescued" last minute (only losers stay home on Halloween) & find your friends at the afterparty. Bring plenty of coal & pee your pants.

5) Anna Dello Russo's Dog

(the one on the right)

6) Post-Postmodernism 

Italian Gangster$

6) Yourself

See yall on Halloween!!!

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