Monday, November 1, 2010

the Diner Girls

Yall I had the best Halloween.

Friday night I was Elvira

& Saturday an American Diner Girl.

We made this costume very Authentic - we bought props,

Mcdonald's Burgers

& Shakes

& brought them to the party on a tray

(a big hit).

Danced so much I'm now covered in bruises- here's a video I found from the party-

On my way home Sunday Evening I was making plans for that night when a few signs told me I should maybe "take a break."

1) My Taxi Driver knew my name & phone number

2) My lipstick, shoes & camera were gone (so many good pictures)!

3) Couldn't tell if I was still wearing my wig

4) Roommate asked me about the "tattoo on my neck" & I had to check in the mirror

5) I felt like an Atomic Disaster. (Everything I touched turned to Static Electricity).

So Sunday night I Stayed In. I dyed my hair, cleaned my haus & watched GLEE.

I turned off my phone & slept for 12 hours.

Toady I woke up to missed calls & messages sent from 1:00-5:00, asking "where the afterparty is."

I was Struck with Guilt & Panic-I had Let My Friends Down; I had Missed Out.
Staying home is totally depressing.

Who wants to hang out?

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