Monday, November 29, 2010


The perks to having your cell phone stolen:

(I will find you bastards if its the last thing I do)

1) No Spending 

I spend on average 10 euros a day to re-charge my phone (Italian "Montly Plans" are as legitimate as Berlusconi's "Family Values").

Maybe like this I can finally get the [overpriced terrible quality] Lanvin for H&M shoes!

2) No Temptations

(had to)

I'm staying in tonight because nobody can call to tell me what I'm missing. This is two days in a row now and I'm already seeing fewer wrinkles.

3) No Expectations
He isn't texting or calling? It's because he can't! In fact he's probably totally flipping out over you not answering/writing back, right?


4) No Regrets
Some people drunk text (cliche) I sleep text (way edgier/more embarassing).

Tonight I dont have to worry about what I'll do in "REM." I'll fall asleep knowing that [whats left of] my reputation will be in tact by tomorrow.

5) No Obligations
Forget your responsibilities & enjoy yourself-you've got no other choice ;)

(Till tomorrow this is torture)

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