Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mo money mo problems

I don't care what yall say about Lady Gaga I'm peeing my pants about this show on Saturday. Trying to figure out what to wear; these are my options:

Pre-Fame Gaga

Made-It Gaga

Mo Money Mo Problems Gaga

Promiscuous Gaga

Bondage Gaga

Abusive Relationship Gaga

Masochistic Gaga

Ghetto Gaga

Pyro Gaga

Crust Punk Gaga

Lesbo Gaga

Catholic Gaga

Pre-School Gaga

Combat Gaga

Baseball Gaga

Carsick Gaga

God Save The Queen Gaga

Either way I need a blonde wig; someone help me?


  1. bondage gaga - no wig - blonde dim hair #no excuse

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    great post

    so there's still missing :
    - very boring gaga
    - ugly fat gaga
    - lack of ideas gaga
    - out of bed gaga
    - gaga cocain
    - cannotdoanymore of this gaga
    - sex tape gaga ( if there's not already one since this is always a great fame booster )