Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm here to talk about Post-Party Depression & some things you can do to help.

Everyone's been there: you exit whatever apartment you just spent the past 12 hours in and see the sun for the first time [it hurts]. Your stockings are ripped, your makeup is gone and you're wearing someone else's clothes.

Your money is spent & your phone has been stolen.

You're cold & exhausted.

You get home; its quiet [depressing] and you start to Think About Your Life [terrifying].
You're stuck here till tomorrow [only losers go out on Saturdays] and have nothing to do [only losers study on Saturdays]. You're having a an emotional and physical crisis. You start to wonder how you will get through this.


1) Nutrition
Parties are like Sports in that they require tons of stamina. In order to do it right you've got to be healthy. Professional Athletes fill themselves with Protein [steroids] to perform to their best abilities.

Party Athletes should do the same, via Water & Vitamins [Red Bull].

2) Moral Support
My girl NoNo once said "when your Mom's got your back everythings cool." 

Calling your Mom is important, especially when you're suffering PPD. 
When you hear her voice you'll feel better [start crying] and she'll tell you she loves you and that everything's ok [yell at you for not studying].

3) Productivity
The key is to not let The Next Day go to waste-do something productive and you won't feel as shitty. Paint your nails, dye your hair, organize your shoes.

You'll be on the road to Wholesomeness in no time.

4) Inspiration
Sometimes all you need is a little Intellectual Stimulation.

Via Sarah; [starting a band soon].

Good luck & Stay Strong

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