Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday in Siberia

Tomorrow will be a Sad Day In Milan.

The clubs will close early, the Duomo will crumble and Anna Dello Russo will wear pants.

Because tomorrow I'm leaving for Croatia.

Gotta celebrate my Birthday ~In Style~

and catch up with family, bartenders and my Grandmother's cats.

every day we huslin

My only problem is what to pack. Croatian winters are harsh. 

You can only survive via wearing Pants + Boots (via me circa 2007)

But now I've only got mesh + fur (via me Post-Life-In-Milan--Yall know how I feel about Winter Wardrobes).

I have no time to buy "winter clothes" and even if I did I wouldn't.

So I'm thinking positive.

I'm sure all that shivering in the cold will burn a lot of calories or maybe I'll get used to it and stay.

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