Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Perfect Picture

Tuesday Sarah took me to see Salem play at Rocket

they did a great job

~blackberry in high-definition~

so we were forced to abduct & take them to an afterparty. 

John charmed us with his passion for Flerida's small dog

and Jack (known here as "Jack Daniels") won us over with his fighting skills & impeccable taste. 

1. On Jewelry: 
"I always wear a Jewish Star & a 5 Point Star necklace; they're happy together."

2. Personal Style in 3 words:

(I pretended to know what this meant until he explained it stands for "I Don't Know." He uses this and "IDC" (I dont care) quite a bit-apparently I'm falling behind in English Abbreviations).

2. On Current Trends:
“I like in porn when girls wear tennis shoes”

3. On Italian fashion:
“I don’t know but Italian girls look really good and my Taxi driver was very handsome.”

4. On Shoes:
“Always high heels, never flats.” 

5. On cool cuts:
“Long hair is always better, unless it’s a guy with a shaved head.”

7. Advice for rising stars:
“Courtney Love told me how to take the perfect picture. She said you should look embarrassed and keep your eyes above the camera lens.”

Click Here to read this in Italian ;)

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